June 17, 2015

The Original Use of the Afrikaner Desigation.

The term Afrikaner in current times is often horribly misunderstood & erroneously employed due solely to the mass indoctrination of the 20th cent - propagated by the Afrikaner Broederbond organization that acquired significant control - & the political propaganda that it was based on. The fact of the matter is that this term was appropriated during the latter half of the 19th cent by a Cape Dutch run organization & was then picked up by politicians who originally used the term Afrikaner as a term they used to describe ALL designated White citizens of South Africa who were loyal to South Africa regardless of the home language the citizens spoke. This definition of Afrikaner was widely employed until the 1930s.  Politicians from Louis Botha to JBM Hertzog spoke openly of Afrikaans Afrikaners & English Afrikaners often simply calling them all just Afrikaners. Thus the term Afrikaner was not just used to describe the Cape Dutch & then later the numerically smaller Boer people - particularly during the 20th cent after they were conquered after the second Anglo-Boer War - but the term was originally ALSO used to describe the Anglophone population as well. There are 3 books that I am aware of that explicitly note this pertinent fact.

Those books are: The White Tribe of Africa from David Harrison. The Rise of Afrikanerdom from T Dunbar Moodie. Boerestaat from Robert van Tonder. The first two books are mixed bags as the authors have an overriding ignorance of the distinction between the Cape Dutch & the Boer people & the significance of this fact. The third book was authored by someone who was well ware of this distinction as he was a son of one of the Bitterenders who voted to continue fighting against the British during the second Anglo-Boer War. Robert van Tonder later became a notable activist in trying to secure self determination for his people - the Boer people - & began advocating for the restoration of the Boer Republics back in 1961 when the Dutch born usurper Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd established a nominal & false Republic of South Africa which further prevented the Boers from obtaining self determination.

Van Tonder spoke openly about the Boers being a distinct people from the so called Afrikaners since this political term had included the larger Cape Dutch population as well as initially the Anglophones. Today far too many people who are simply ignorant propagate the damaging but erroneous notion that the so called Afrikaners are from the Boers when the truth is that the Boers are the smallest segment [ the Cape Dutch are much larger & its leadership controls the entire population that ascribes to the Afrikaner identification ]  of the arbitrary establishment imposed Afrikaner designation. This is a most significant fact when recognizing the salient fact that the Boer people will not be able to secure any authentic form of self determination so long as they are tethered [ politically ] to & claimed by the leadership / academics & personalities of the Cape Dutch population.

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