March 7, 2009

Racism of Boers was Paternalistic not Chauvinistic.

Westerners have often erroneously presumed that the Boers are racial chauvinists [ due mainly from the decades long propaganda of their British & other enemies ] when in fact they are not. This was even pointed out by non other than a left leaning Afrikaans blogger named Wessels at his Mhambi blog of which one of his articles on the topic is re-posted below. The paternalistic racism of some Boers is not in the same league as the harsh chauvinistic form of Western racism which often gets overlooked in the West.

    December 23, 2006.

    Myths and misunderstandings: South African white racism.

    Mhambi is regularly struck at how the British (and probably most Westerners) misunderstand South Africa racism. I just started a new job, and over a boozy Chistmas lunch, a new colleague told me of his lovely visit to South African shores.

    He had a lovely time but was gob smacked when he visited Sun City, playing a round of Golf on the famous course. It was not the fact that there are real crocodiles in the water hazards that shocked him. It was a sign "No caddies past this point" - on the border of a crocodile infested pit.

    For a start he did not use a caddie, that smacking too much of white-michief-type colonialism. In South Africa caddies are almost exclusively black. But the sign left him incredulous. "How could this racist sign still be up there, a few years after apartheid ended??" he asked me, clearly exasperated.

    Mhambi gave a well practised sheepish laugh. What to say? First off, I was not sure he and I saw it the same way. I certainly was not shocked.

    I deduced that he must think that white golf players send their caddies into crocodile infested pits to fetch their racist bwanas balls - hence the sign. And then he said as much. "How racist is that?!!" he asked rhetorically.

    I laughed even more, now my embarrassment was tinged with sadness.

    To me one could detect signs of racism in the sign, but of a different ilk to the one that had just been spotted and caused such disgust.

    The sign was directed at caddies, and not players who commanded them. The caddies were not mere automatons with no power to decide where they could go.

    In fact, the caddies probably scour the golf course on their own for abandoned balls, to sell them at a discount to players.

    They have a reckless disregard for the dangers of this particular course - hence the sign. That's how I saw it, and I'm pretty sure I'm right. But I kept this to myself.

    But my colleague can just not imagine that a caddie would want to try and get a ball in such a dangerous place.

    The Sun City golf course management and myself could. But for him, it was easy to imagine whitey golfers sending powerless caddies to their deaths.

    Does this misunderstanding tell us anything more profound?

    Yes. White South African racism, and in particular Afrikaans racism is of a paternalistic kind: It's a - our blacks that we can't trust to look after themselves - kind of racism. That is the racism this signs speaks of, and it is often mistaken for another more BNP / National Front / Klu Klux Clan - Western kind of racism.

    Does it matter? Of course. Any lawyer will tell you that the intention of an offender is essential in determining the severity of the crime.

Article found at this link. From: the Mhambi blog.


Ron. said...

Though it should be pointed out that the racism being directed against the Boers today is far worse then whatever racism they were accused of in the past.

Mike said...

Oh you should all read this novel:

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