May 17, 2010

Not an Apartheid Era Flag.

The following is how the CBC web site describes the Vyfkleur flag. [ More on the Vyfkleur flag here. ] An unmistakable Boer pre Apartheid era flag dating from the second Anglo-Boer War. A man [ no doubt a proud Boer ] holds up the Vyfkleur in the following photo taken recently outside of court & posted on the web page in question but the CBC then engages in bad journalism by calling the flag he holds "an Apartheid era flag" thus totally distorting the true meaning of the flag & long struggle for Boer self determination. Notice the caption under the photo in question.

This is just proof positive that the Western media are lazy journalists at best or are propagandizing distorters at worst. Perhaps a combination of both. I guess no one should be surprised that none other than the CBC: the Canadian public broadcaster has labeled the Vyfkleur quote: "an Apartheid era flag". I doubt they even know that the flag in the photo in question is even called a Vyfkleur [ five colour ] yet alone that it was adopted long before the establishment of Apartheid. For those who might not know [ that's you CBC! ] the Vyfkleur is not & can not possibly be "an Apartheid era flag" because it was a flag adopted during the second Anglo-Boer War by Boer Commandos who were fighting against Colonialism [ ie: the forces which later adopted Apartheid ] & for their freedom & self determination within their half century old internationally recognized independent Boer Republics. The Vyfkleur flag was a distinct & clever combination of the national flags of the then two Boer Republics [ remove the the vertical bar within the left portion of the flag & you have the upper left portion of the Orange Free State Vierkleur flag ] remove the horizontal orange bar & you have the Transvaal Vierkleur flag ] which were fighting for their survival against Britain. This era of course was long before the Apartheid era. The Vyfkleur flag was also later adopted by the BWB in the past & its members often wore the flag on the upper region of their right shirt sleeves but it was originally designed as a war flag by the fighting Boer Commandos during the second Anglo-Boer War.

Link to full hit piece article here.

Neither is it surprising that the CBC totally distorts & distracts from the topic.

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