July 17, 2009

The Cape Frontier: birth place of the Boer Nation.

The Boer people are often presumed to be "Europeans" & are also often conflated with the Cape Dutch Afrikaners but in fact the Boer people were not born in Europe nor were they born among the Cape Dutch but in fact the Boer people were born on the Cape frontier. When a number of the poorest members of the Caucasian folks at the Cape began to trek northward & eastward during the late 1600s & all throughout the 1700s they became the earliest migrating pastoralists who left the towns of Cape Town / Stellenbosch / Franschhoek & Paarl & were soon called Trekboers named after their nomadic & pastoral lifestyle they adopted in order to survive on the harsh Cape frontier. The Cape frontier consisted of everything to the north & Paarl & to east of Stellenbosch right up to the Brak & Sundays Rivers. The Boers developed their own language on the frontier which historians have classified as Eastern Border Afrikaans or Cape Frontier Afrikaans. Further evidence of where the Boer people germinated. The Cape frontier was the crucible which created the Boer Nation. The town of Swellendam which was established in 1745 was the first town the Dutch East India Co. set up within the Cape frontier in an attempt at controlling the Boers & this town would be one of the first Boer Republics established in 1795 when a number of the frontier Boers declared republics & rebelled against the Dutch power.


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