October 5, 2008

The Boer Republics Were Recognized.

The two major Boer Republics: the Transvaal Republic & the Orange Free State which fought against Britain during the Anglo-Boer War were recognized around the world prior to the outbreak of the war.

    The Republic was now in possession of a Convention, which from the nature of its provisions seemed to promise a peaceful future. In addition to Great Britain it was recognized in Holland, France, Germany, Belgium, and especially in the United States of America. The American Secretary of State at Washington, writing to President Pretorius on the 19th November, 1870, said: "That his Government, while heartily acknowledging the Sovereignty of the Transvaal Republic, would be ready to take any steps which might be deemed necessary for that purpose."

From: The Story of the Boers. C W van der Hoogt. Published in 1900. Page 96. 

The independence of the Boers north of the Orange River was recognized internationally first with the Sand River Convention which granted independence to the Boers north of the Vaal River up to the Limpopo River in 1852 then with the Orange River Convention of 1854 which recognized the independence of the Boers north of the Orange River which extended up to the Vaal River wherein the Orange Free State was declared existing right up to the conclusion of the second Anglo-Boer War.